A la carte

Discover the creations of Chef Christophe Ruolt.

Our starters

Some of our starters are available in half portions, with an additional charge of €2.00 per portion (price divided by two plus €2.00).

Our main courses

  • The lamb square in mustard crust, marrow and fresh herbs 39,00€

    Braised parsnips with spicy juice, potatoes in thyme broth

  • Tournedos of Taurus with the pepper cute 35,00€

    Julienne Celery,Béarnaise, Curved fried potatoes

  • The duck breast with caramelized skin, pumpkin peasant 31,00€

    Mirepoix of pan-fried duck foie gras, wild blueberries, butter roesti

  • Handicapped veal liver cutlets, green apple dice 24,00€

    Creamy mashed potatoes, red wine vinegar juice

  • The back of pikedness roti on skin, pressed of potatoes 29,00€

    Creamy broth with Alsace saffron, fried onions

  • Our vegetarian dish: the gnocchi gratin of potatoes and pumpkin, grilled sunflower seeds 18,00€