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Discover the creations of Chef Christophe Ruolt.

Our starters

Some of our starters are available in half portions, with an additional charge of €2.00 per portion (price divided by two plus €2.00).

Our main courses

  • Pan-fried lamb fillet with wild herb pesto 34,00€

    Green asparagus, Pressed Potatoes, strong juice

  • Alsace Yellow Chicken Brochette 24,00€

    Lime Zest, White Butter with Red curry, Grilled summer vegetables, Tomato bulgur

  • Thin slices of Faux Filet 29,00€

    Shallots, garlic, spring onions confits, red wine ice cream, basket of fried curved apples

  • Cassolette de Sot l'y Laisse de Volaille et Ris de Veau braised in Port wine 28,00€

    Small Vegetables, Parisian apples

  • Snacked char fillet 26,00€

    White Radish Julienne, Riesling and White Mushroom Sauce, Potato Gnocchi

  • Our vegetarian dish: Galettes de Légumes rôtis, Pommes bouillon 18,00€